Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sunshine Award

I was nominated for the Sunshine Award by Viva Carlos - Thank you so much!
1.Mares or Geldings?
I’ve primarily worked with gelding (pure coincidence), but I’m really beginning to understand the mare thing! I can’t choose. Just give me a horse!!

You can tell a gelding, but a mare must be won over to your cause…

2.English or Western?
BOTH! Well, English because I LOVE eventing! But my western saddle is just as good.

3.Do you prefer younger or older horses?
WHY must I CHOOSE? I love the discovery process as young horses discover some of their potential. I love laughing at/with them as they accustom themselves to new experiences. On the other hand, there is something about taking on the world with the older “been there, done that” horse that you have been with for so long – or for letting that horse show a less experienced rider the ropes…

4.Have you trained a horse from ground zero?
Yes! It’s a rewarding experience to gain a horses trust as you train.

5.Do you prefer riding or groundwork?
I love to be in the saddle! Nothing else comes close! But I do like a solid foundation on my horses that only comes with consistent groundwork.

6.Do you board your horse or keep it at home?
Board. I don’t have the country property to keep them at home. If I did have them at home, though, I would desperately miss the camaraderie of the boarding facility environment!

7.Do you use all natural products or commercial?
Both. I use whatever works best for the horse. I love the Equi-Spa products!

8.All tacked up or bareback?
All tacked up. We just don’t have everything together yet to do our daily workouts sans saddle. We do bareback fun rides, but we get more out of schooling in the tack for now.

9.Equestrian model?
Courtney King-Dye, Hilda Gurney, Jane Savoie, Bad Eventer…

10.What's your one main goal while being in the horse world?
I want to learn as much as I can. Every discipline has something to teach me (sometimes there are lots of somethings!!), and every horse has a lesson to share. I want to try it all, I want to learn it all, I want to ride to the best of my ability and beyond! I dream of national level (or higher) competition, but as long as I can ride a horse correctly and compassionately, I have already won the hardest part. Perfection may be unattainable, but I strive for it anyway. Any horse I ride changes from one moment to the next, and I need to be able to change with them – to follow the moment, to give the horse what he needs, to get out of his way when he needs it, and to work as much with him (and as little against him) as I can. If I’m not learning and growing, I’m stagnating, so let the learning never end!

Showing at the Kentucky Horse Park was a pretty huge accomplishment, though!

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