Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Great Jumping Saddle Search - considerations

The Fancy Pony (previously known as the Psycho Mare) is an Arabian, so she still has the well-sprung ribs, but she is a true medium in saddle fit, it seems. **note: some of this may sound familiar – I risked redundancy to cover all the bases** She has a short back, but the real concern is that if the saddle slides forward AT ALL, it really looks like it slides over the top of her shoulder!! The slope of her shoulders in the frontal plane corresponds to a typical medium width saddle. However, the width she needs between the panels is almost closer to a medium-narrow. My old, *OLD* Crosby Prix de Nations Close Contact saddle fits her pretty well with a small riser pad. You might recall that we do eventing… Many eventing saddles offer knee rolls, padded flaps, calf blocks, and a deep seat. My PDN offers none of these things. Perhaps I should be looking for something a little more secure for the Cross Country phase…

I have been told that I have a long thigh. My knee is right at the front of the flap on my PDN. Does that indicate that I really need a forward-flap jumping saddle? And how do you work a forward-flap saddle on a small-framed horse?

**she** actually really liked this saddle...


  1. That does look a little funky on her... Arabian Saddle Company, as the name implies, makes saddles for the Arabian types. I have also heard good things about Duett for horses with typical Arab conformation. What about an AP saddle? That way the saddle wouldn't be over her shoulder?

    1. That's the thing about my long thigh... My knee is running right to the front of the flap. I'm not sure an AP saddle will be any different. I've looked at Duett, but I don't know anyone who has one that I could try out. Just for fun, I'll be going to check out Arabian Saddle Company, too!
      I'd just run with my Crosby, but I'm not sure I want to take it cross-country... It's kind of terrifying to be going over serious terrain on a postage stamp! ;)



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