Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Great Dressage Saddle Search - considerations

The Fancy Pony (previously known as the Psycho Mare) is an Arabian, so she still has the well-sprung ribs, but she is a true medium in saddle fit, it seems. She has a short back, but the real concern is that if the saddle slides forward AT ALL, it really looks like it slides over the top of her shoulder!! The slope of her shoulders in the frontal plane corresponds to a typical medium width saddle. However, the width she needs between the panels is almost closer to a medium-narrow. My old, *OLD* wintec dressage saddle fits her perfectly, but it is not a great fit for me. The seat could be larger. The seat needs to be more scooped, for sure! The flap could be less straight and a tad more forward-sloping, but if there were some sort of thigh blocks to speak of, it might not be an issue…

I have been told that I have a long thigh. With a saddle that supports me beautifully, it seems that I can really drop my thigh down for that lovely, long, classical dressage leg. Otherwise, I seem to be more comfortable in a slightly forward flap saddle. If the thigh blocks are particularly chucky, I definitely need a larger seat size. The Fancy Pony is delicately built, so many times, I fell as if I need to contract my leg angle in order to put my leg on her. I really need my saddle to feel like I can “close my leg” without closing the angle of my knee. I’m not asking for much, am I?

Stay tuned for considerations for The Great Jumping Saddle Search!


  1. I have a long thigh and a hard to fit TB. It does not make for saddle shopping fun times.

  2. Ugh, saddle shopping. My saddle, despite being custom fit to Tessa, still slid forward a bit. I also have a long thigh and when I was looking at jump saddles, I ended up having to look at 18 inch seats so that the leg flaps would accomodate my thigh.

    1. Ugh! That sounds like an absolutely HUGE seat for a jumping saddle!



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