Friday, November 1, 2013

Save Us !!


It is a well-accepted truth that the reliable eventing horse must be able to get himself out of a tight spot or a sticky situation. But, how do you know if the horse you are riding has this skill? I mean, if you purposefully put your horse in a bad spot, don’t you think he will start to resent it?

Fancy Pony and I were jumping little grids, and we worked her up to her first bounce! She was getting it! She was quietly cantering in with impulsion and balance. She was lifting her shoulders and rounding over the jumps. She was hitting her striding nicely and the grid was teaching her not to rush on the landing side. She was never tempted to take the long spot (because why would you try in a grid??).

Then, she brought herself into the line in a less-than-ideal place and pace. I think she was getting a little too comfortable with the exercise! She nearly fumbled her jump into the bounce. There was nothing I could do to help her. Rather than ‘do nothing’ and wait for inevitable failure, though, I sat up, gave her some rein, closed my leg, and said to her “Get us out of it!”

It wasn’t pretty…
NOT pretty...
Nevertheless, she saved us! I can’t tell you what she did, because I don’t know. She pulled herself together, cleared the jump out of the bounce, and finished the grid (still relaxed! WTH??) – all I did was stay out of her way and tried to stay in balance!

I also got kudos on my walk-canter transitions. My pony is just that damn cool!

she's awesome!


  1. In Hunterland this is called "taking a joke" and I agree that it is REALLY important for us amateur riders. I mean, I do stupid stuff and make mistakes on a regular basis, and I'm just in a hunter ring -- not on a cross country course!

    1. One of my coaches refers to it as "finding the fifth leg", but I really like that "taking a joke"!
      I would love to see her go Pony Hunter with a young rider! Or even just Hunter with me (because we aren't doing enough different things as it is!!), but I've never been to anything Hunter other than schooling shows, so I'm going to have to learn what *real* hunters is all about and give it a shot! ;)

  2. Like Tracy said, good she can take a joke! She is a good pony :)

  3. Always so thankful when they get us out of the impossible! :)



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