Friday, October 25, 2013

Wintec Pro – 17.5” seat – Dressage

I can’t speak to how this fit the Fancy Pony, as I rode in it on another horse. It does have the adjustable gullet system, however.

The saddle itself felt particularly grippy, but in a good way. Synthetic saddles do not immediately put me off, so this one is a serious contender. The thigh blocks were significant, but they were subtly supportive. The seat cradled my body and quietly encouraged me to sit up without leaning forward. My leg fell down underneath me into a solid position that I could move it out of as need be to apply the aids.

I would seriously consider this saddle, dependent, of course, on how the Fancy Pony goes in it.


  1. I am so impressed at the span of your saddle search! I hope you find the perfect one!

    1. If it weren't for the generousity of the people at my barn - combined with the plethora of eventers where I currently ride - this search would not be nearly so successful!
      I know that my horse's needs will change over time as she gains strength, muscling, and possibly width... And my own needs may change as I also gain strength and body independence/awareness.

      With each of these saddles, I can only consider how they work for us as a team "in the here and now". I am pretty analytical, so it lets me go back and compare objectively what I have already experienced. If my reviews help someone else in their own saddle search, even better!



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