Friday, February 27, 2015

A different kind of dream...

I had a dream last night that I was competing with the Fancy Pony at a breed show.  But, we were entering the Arabian English Pleasure class!  I had borrowed a cut-back saddle and had a double bridle all put together...  We were rock stars in the warm up ring...

I woke up before we made it to the show ring, so I have no idea how it went.  I have no idea why I would think that she was capable of being an English Pleasure horse, anyway.  Her neck isn't put on that high, and her knees don't come level unless she is jumping...

But, it was fun, nonetheless.

I'm thinking it just means I'm ready to push out etablished parameters!!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Representing the Arabian Breed!

Over the weekend, I had the wonderful opportunity to represent the sport horse disciplines *and* the Arabian breed at Equifest of Kansas!

Fancy Pony walked around like she owned the place.

In the breed showcase, we demonstrated with Western Pleasure, Country English Pleasure, Hunter/Jumper (spectators dopn't know the difference), Native Costume, and Mounted Archery - all on Arabian horses!

The ring was set up with 3 jumps for me (one was a skinny - wahoo!), and 4 targets for the mounted archery.  The 2 horses in front of me looked at the targets like they were monsters!!
I resolved not to acknowledge them.

In we went, and as we headed down the line, Fancy Pony started giving the targets the hairy eyeball!  So, I asked her to trot on down the rail...  She focused a little.  I asked for a canter.  She focused a little more...  I pointed her at a jump, and the targets ceased to exist for her.  She had settled down to business!

Of course, we were doing the same demonstration all 3 days, but I tried to keep Twinkle Toes from getting bored.  We rode S-curves where we could, and we both loved showing off over the skinny jump!

Watch this!
The gorgeous weather deserted us for our last day, so I cheated and didn't wear show clothes.  I stayed in my insulated boots.  I kept my long-sleeve thermals and my vest.  I ditched my down coat just before heading to the ring.
Can you see the butterfly on my breeches?

According to my husband, the jumping portion of our demonstration was a crown favorite!
And when we made our final laps, I couldn't resist a princess wave to the crowd as we trotted down the rail....

Unconcerned about the short spot, she is!
I just LOVE sharing this horse!!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Away we go!

Tonight, we head out for Equifest of Kansas!
Once again, we will represent the Arabian breed for horse lovers in the midwest!!

If you are in the neighborhood, please come say hi!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Lovely January Days

I've tried to make use of the beautiful days we are having mid-winter.
Fancy Pony is all clipped up for serious work and exhibition. Hubby offered to practice with his new camera while I rode!  He brings us this gem:

After I finished my own playing, I offered to share my ride with CG. Here, she is trying to find her ideal balanced position while exploring a new level of confidence! 

I totally thought I had already published this post..... 


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