This "GOALS" page was inspired by Viva Carlos - Goals, because this is the perfect place to store my written goals and aspirations as I convey the roller-coaster ride of my journey!

I started 2013 with the goal of Eventing the Old Man at recognized horse trials at the beginner novice level.  When he left me, I had to make a drastic re-evaluation and clearly address my expectations of the Fancy Pony.

Entering 2014, I'm looking at the most efficient way to achieve my long term goals. I may find myself making short term sacrifices in order to set myself up for greater long term achievement. I couldn't ask for a more supportive team to help me chase my dreams!

Short Term:
  -  Hit at least one cross-country schooling each month
  - Arabian Sport Horse Regional Championships, Training Level Dressage
  - National Dressage Pony Cup - AGAIN!!  (Training and First levels, this time)
 - Foxhunting!

Long Term:
 - Novice Level at recognized shows
 - Dressage (how far can we go?)
  - AHA Arabian Sport Horse rated show(s):
               Arabian Sport Horse Mare In-Hand
               Arabian Sport Horse Under Saddle
               Arabian Green Working Hunter
               Arabian Working Hunter
               Arabian Hunter Hack
               Arabian Jumper
               Arabian Training Level Dressage
 - Arabian Sport Horse Nationals (eventually?)

Mile Stones:
 - Gold Medal Eventing (Bronze and Silver, too - Beginner Novice, for sure!)
 - Bronze Medal Dressage with Whisper (we aren't even working consistently at 1st level yet, but it will come)

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