Friday, October 4, 2013

The Great Saddle Search - What do you ride?

I’ve had my eye on a particular dressage saddle for a couple of years now. I may finally have the opportunity to own one. However, before I commit to such a purchase (and until I know I’ll be receiving a regular paycheck again!!), I decided that I should ride in as many saddles as possible to determine what features I love and hate and the like. As it turns out, I am at a barn with lots of other eventers and they all have dressage saddles! And everyone is so generous, many have offered to let me try their saddles!

I’ll try to keep a log of what I have ridden in and my impressions from each saddle. But, for now, I’d like to hear from the “peanut gallery.” What features do you like, not like, whatever? What do you ride in? I’ll be searching for a jumping saddle next, so H/J people, feel free to chime in! Feel free to ramble on about your impressions. I’m really looking for analytical evaluations of your saddles. What are they suitable for, what are they NOT suitable for? Give me details!!

The jumping saddle that I’m riding in right now is my ooooold Crosby Prix de Nations close contact plain flap. There is seriously nothing to this saddle. One of the young riders in my group rode it last night and told me that it revealed all of the shortcomings in her position because she could not keep her leg back. There is no thigh block or knee roll to hold her leg for her, so she slid into a chair-type position.

would *you* want to ride cross-country in that?
Oh, how I still love that saddle, though!


  1. for dressage, I splurged on a custom saddle with an adjustable tree. Now that I'm parting ways my pony, I am really glad I did because I won't have to saddle shop. I may have pay $150 for a different tree size, but that's peanuts compared to a new saddle. Also, we nicknamed my saddle the Barca Lounger because it's so comfortable. It's a Hastilow. It looks sort of like this, but with black piping.

    For jumping all of the eventers in my barn use the Pessoa Military II. It has blocks that are almost like pegs in the front and back. It makes it less harder to fall out of on a cross country course (or in my case when you're a chicken).

    Good luck saddle shopping!!!!

  2. I do ride in a custom Antares, in the past I really enjoyed the Stubben Siegfriend and Collegiate saddles.

  3. I ride in a Dominus (no longer made) which is like a cheaper Amerigo.

  4. I currently have an Albion Kontrol... loved it for the horse I bought it for, but doesn't fit anything else. And since it doesn't really fit my horse, I don't like it as well. I will say though, that for the price-point (I bought mine used) I think they are nice saddles and a decent option to some of the other high-priced name brands.

    Albio is actually known more for their dressage saddles (or so I'm told!) so they might be a brand to check out!



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