Thursday, October 24, 2013

Albion SLK – 17” seat – Dressage

I can’t speak to how this fit the Fancy Pony, as I rode in it on another horse. However, it felt fantastic on that horse! For the first time, I was aware of the pommel in front of me. This model seems to have a high pommel, so the front of the saddle is definitely apparent to my body. The seat was deep, soft, and comfortable. The thigh blocks were substantial, but they were not overly large or distracting. I had room to slide and follow in the seat of the saddle, and I had adjustability in my leg. I could feel the horse underneath of me, and I could put my leg on without feeling as if I had to close my knee angle in order to do it.

I give this saddle a definite thumbs up!

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