Reviews: Gear, Books, Attire, Accessories... You Name It!

I am Virgo.
I am analytical.
I am an engineer!

Allow me to share my observations in no particular organizational format.
You see, in an ideal workd, I would share an interactive excel spreadsheet that could be sorted by date, brand, item, what have you...

April 9, 2014:  Offset Girth - no maker's mark
April 30, 2014: MUST READ - Gem of a Book "The Education of Horse and Rider: 'A Guide to Basic Dressage' and 'Classical Horsemanship for our Time' in one volume!" by Jean Froissard and Lily Powell
May 6, 2014: Noble Outfitters ‘Over the Calf Peddies’ Socks
May 30, 2014: Two Horse Tack Biothane Bridle, Reins, and Breastcollar

Bear with me as I go through the rest of my posts to add the reviews and insights that I have written on other products or features and add them to this page.  Enjoy!

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