Tuesday, October 1, 2013


As of today, I am considered "essential".

My riding progress feels the same way.
MT worked on the Fancy Pony again and said that she has made great progress and is incredibly improved from 6 weeks ago.  It seems like from here, we just need to make her more comfortable so that she can really excel.

Let the saddle search begin!
I'm now in the market for a saddle that helps me maintain that ideal dressage position and doesn't wiggle at all on her back.  That seems to be the issue.
Just last night, I sat in a $$$$ Anky dressage saddle, and she loved it until it started to wiggle a little and creep forward.  The head tossing and connection dropping began.  On the upside, EVERYONE in attendance said my position looks beautiful and stable.  Go me!

Until something more exciting or ramble-worthy comes along, I leave you with a shot from the National Dressage Pony Cup awards ceremony.  This mare is really amazing!

Champion Arabian - Reserve Champion AA Intro Pony


  1. She looks awesome, best of luck on the saddle search!

    1. and I just realized you mean Shutdown and essential in the gov't sense, my gov't job said "Business as usual until we run out of money!" Because we still have holdover from FY13.

    2. Hahaha! You are lucky they still have money! I'm bound to get paid, but until the budget is approved, we just don't know when...

    3. Haha! Seriously! You should see the canter shot! (more pics to come when I have the high-quality versions)
      I'm so proud of her, it makes me want to cry!



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