Saturday, October 26, 2013

Wintec Isabell – Medium Wide gullet plate installed - 18” seat – Dressage

We knew the medium wide gullet would be a little roomy for the Fancy Pony, so I took my riser pad and flipped it around to help fill the front of the saddle. She didn’t care.

This saddle has the suede finish. It was grippy without forcing me to stay in one place. I liked that. I’ve ridden in this model a few times now, and I have loved it every time! The seat allowed me enough freedom to sit back and vertical if I wanted, or I could get into my half seat and free up Whisper’s back as well. On the day I rode, I only had my larger girth at the barn, so I could not tighten my saddle as much as I usually would. We had slight shifting to one side or the other, depending on the direction we were cantering. Overall, Fancy Pony seemed to approve. I very seriously want to try this saddle with the medium gullet installed. I think it would be a winner!

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  1. Nominated you for the sunshine award



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