Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Prestige 2000D – Medium Tree – 17” seat – Dressage

PERFECT PONY FIT! I could feel my dressage pony underneath me. She was perfect! We were connected through my seat and legs like never before! She was up in the back. She was swingy! It was like someone fine-tuned my horse to the aids while I was sleeping! Where have you been all my life, pony?

The saddle never moved. There was no shifted hair. When I girthed this saddle up, it became a part of my horse, just an extension of her back.

The thigh blocks were HUGE. The seat was a tiny bit too small in conjunction with the large blocks. The balance was just lovely! All I have to say is: WOW!!

Unfortunately, this saddle is not currently in my price range, even used…


  1. Haha, of course not -- such is the life of a horse owner on a budget! Maybe someone can recommend a very similar saddle that is cheaper??

    1. Tracy, that is exactly why I am borrowing everyone's dressage saddle! I have never had such an opportunity to compare horse and rider fit as it is effected by different saddle features. The group at my barn has been so generous to share their tack, even letting me try it for multiple rides! Stay tuned for all the others saddles I have been riding in! I'm learning that thigh blocks aren't as required as we might have been led to believe!! :)



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