Thursday, September 19, 2013

Let us evaluate...

We've had some struggles since the beginning.

Many people chalk them all up to "She's an Arabian."
Others may say, "It's just because she is still green and inexperienced."
Then there is the camp that insists, "She just isn't strong enough, yet."

I don't disagree with any of these statements, but sometime your gut says, "There's more to it!"

I agreed with MT that Fancy Pont needed more muscle and further development of her topline.
This photo is from the very week she had her massage (around August 15, 2013):
notice the knotted muscle on the left side...
We have focused on relaxation and coming through and swinging in her back.  We've been massaging and tail-pulling and scratching our way to getting her lifting her back...
A month later, she looks like this:
Holy cow!  We really have put some muscle mass on her!
Comments and evaluations still say she is undermuscled in her topline.  Everyone has suggestions for putting that muscle on, but why are we so behind the curve in the first place?

We are ruling out ulcers this week.
We suspect an electrolyte imbalance is bringing on muscle cramps that aren't helping the muscle tension in her hips and back.
We are starting a muscle-building supplement.
Progress will be slow, but we're hoping to see realistic differences and an increase in strength over the next few months.

What do you all do to strengthen your horse and build topline muscle mass?


  1. Don't have much help, but hope you figure it out!

  2. If you look at the before photos of my Quarter, his butt that SHOULD have been large was....just, ugh. Really tiny and skinny. He had NO back muscle and his withers stood straight up. I put him on beet pulp-soaked-to add weight and muscle, then, I started on a weight gain supplement in a white bucket from Tractor Supply. It may make them a bit fresher but MAN is it worth it, it's amazing and did wonders for him. Along with that, lots of good food and work, she'll get better!

  3. Just like with people its all about protein intake. In order to build muscle you need all the amino acids and you need them in you after a workout. I am not a nutrition expert but I upped protein on Carlos and he became a muscle man without becoming hotter, so far same with Ramone.



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