Wednesday, April 30, 2014

MUST READ - Gem of a Book

One of my best resources!

This is not a large book.  It doesn't look like a bottomless tome of knowledge.

This book took me on a journey!
Do you know the 5 rein aids?  I've read it 6 or 7 times, and I'm still sorting it out!  But, when I do, I'll be a much better rider for it!

Jean Froissard describes the different ways you might apply the rein, weight, or leg aids before going on to break down just about every movement you can think of - and explains exactly which aids to use!  Not to mention which aids remain in neutral... 

My analytical mind ate it up.  I could visualize myself riding each movement.  I could feel my horse filling up my reins or beding around my leg...  It hasn't manifested in reality quite yet, but I keep returning to this book to break down each part of my body and where it should be - what it should be doing - before puttng it back together again.

Just because I apply the aids correctly doesn't mean that the horse will magically do the right thing, though.  My horse must be taught the proper responses.  She must learn the right answers.  The knowledge contained here give me an excellent start to clarifying my questions to my horse and focusing on the primary aspect of the answer I expect to get! 

This is the book your horse wants you to read first!


As of today, we are still at 7% of our goal for the Save the Joy fund to pay for a horse's chemotherapy.  Can you help us spread the word?  Thank you!!

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