Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Offset Girth

I had found a saddle that fit!  I was in love!  The Fancy Pony was in love!
…Six months later, she isn’t in love anymore…  It started to slide forward.  She developed so much more topline in that six months that the saddle was no longer fitting quite right.

I scoured the internet for saddle fitting article and suggestions that have been made for solving the conundrum.  I talked to other Arabian riders.  I picked up a book (I’ll be sure to review it at some point!).  I had a saddle fitter out.  I knew I was dealing with a short back and a forward girth groove.  I knew I was struggling with a developing topline.  I DID NOT know that the angulation of a horse’s shoulders change as they develop and/or lose fitness and strength!!

The saddle fitter adjusted my front billet to work as a point billet.  That helped quite a bit, but her forward girth groove was still causing me some distress as the girth rode almost into her elbows.  I had an offset girth on the way, but there were some delays in the delivery phase of my purchase.  Finally, it arrived and I had the chance to use it!

funny looking, isn't it?

The leather on the outside is very stiff.  It resists being warped out of shape. The padded leather on the inside is soft and smooth.  The elastic ends barely stretch when I cinch it up.  This suggests to me that I’ll have a more consistent level of tightness here.

At the beginning of my ride, the saddle was behind her shoulder. At the end of my ride, the saddle was still behind her shoulder!!  There were no rub marks indicating forward sliding!
I’m a believer.  I love the girth!  Fancy Pony loves the girth!  She had more room for her elbows, but the girth was still firmly and comfortable situated in her girth groove.  I expect this will be a long term solution, especially for the Arabians that I ride!


  1. Replies
    1. =D
      Doesn't it make you want to "squeee"?

  2. Oh I need to do some research on the h/j version of these (if there is one). We are still dealing with saddle slip issues.

    1. They do, indeed, exist!
      Total Saddle Fit offers a 110% happiness guarantee on their Shoulder Relief Girth. I talked to a rep (I believe his name was Justin) and he assured me that I could saddle up with and and ride hard every day for 30 days and if I still wasn't thrilled, I can return it for my 110% refund. That is some serious customer care commitment right there!
      I'm planning on getting one, myself! ;)

  3. My new totally expensive girth is a comfort girth and funky shaped like yours, Ramone seems to really like it (sadly).

    1. Yeah, sometimes we just need to swallow the price tag and enjoy how the champagne tastes, huh? ;)
      I feel your pain...

  4. I love the anatomical girths. Definitely getting one for my new saddle at Rolex :)

    Glad you found a solution!

    1. The journey of a horseman just seemes to be an ever-eveolving tale of problem solving...



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