Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Don't Find Fault. Find a Remedy.

When things start going wrong, the first place I look is to myself.
Did I set the horse up for success?
Did I apply the aids correctly?
Am I asking for something within my horse’s ability?
Did I get in my horse’s way?
Did I fail to apply an aid or cue?

I keep coming back to the jumping session that seemed to come apart at the seams.  You know, the one recently where she barged through all of my half-halts and plowed over the jumps at full steam.
What led me to feel like I had to haul her to a stop in the middle of a grid line?
She ignored my aids.
Why did she ignore my aids?
She gets excited about jumping.
Why is she so excited that she ignores my aids?
My aids aren’t strong enough or she is disrespecting them.
(This is where I should probably start a flow chart)
Why do I need stronger aids?  -or-  Why is she disrespecting them?
I don’t need stronger aids.  She should respond to my minimal aids.  Therefore, I need to train more on an immediate response to any request.  –AND- She is disrespecting the aids because the time before when she ran through my aids, there were no consequences, and she was allowed to charge right on through the grid as she pleased.  Therefore, when she barges through my aids, there need to be clear consequences.

If I had only answered the first question and stopped there, it sounds as if I am merely finding fault.  Sometimes it takes many questions to find a reasonable remedy.  Don’t let that deter you.  Don’t settle for finding fault.  Constantly and unendingly seek the remedy!!


  1. That's a great quote, especially when it comes to horses. It sounds like your girl knows you and knows your aids - in the end, she does respond. It sounds like she's just responding slower than you want. I really like how you're approaching it logically. Kudos for being a thinking rider!<3

    1. Thank you!
      I strive to be reasonable and to keep the communication a 2-way process!

  2. Love the quote. It goes well with the Jimmy Wofford-ism "Yes he still did it wrong, but he did it wrong a different way. That means he's learning!"

    1. That one is a gem! I truly love the learning process!!



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