Monday, April 21, 2014

Another Successful XC Schooling!

But, I didn't fall off!

First of all, the zipper in my boot gave way before we ever started riding.  Watch for photos with conspicuously striped left boots...
Trend setting, for sure!
EVERY time we jumped into the water, the Fancy Pony went snorkeling...  I'm not exaggerating. She plunged her face into the water up to her eyeballs and drug it through the water as she trotted to the other side.  Can anyone say Snorkel Pony?

LOOK at the commitment!
 Yes, folks.  On her 4th EVER cross-country experience, she commited to cantering off the edge of the world from this huge-looking bank!
Remider to self:
17 months under saddle...

Watch for more success stories and photos from this inspiring day, as I get them all gathered together!  I am in awe of the range of obstacles we negotiated over the weekend. I made a list...



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