Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Drop Jump

Is the joke on me, or you?
About halfway through schooling, Coach pointed to the treeline and said, "Go do that drop jump!  The landing is lower than the take-off, so sit up and stay back.  You'll be fine."

Fancy Pony has never done a drop jump.  I have never done a drop jump.  Banks, sure.  But now, there is a fence at the drop!  I gathered, I prepared, and I approached the jump.  I rode it exactly as instructed.

Sassy Pony decided she really wanted to consider it in the last stride.  She popped her shoulder out of line and slowed to a stop in short order.  I was already in the process of smacking the offending shoulder as she stopped...

She straightened in the halt, and I tried to gather my plan for a re-try.  I didn't get the chance to finish my thoughts.
She was so appalled that I had smacked her, she jumped the jump from the base.  From a standstill!

Oh, Pony!  Naughty Pony!  I appreciate your attempt to rectify the situation, but that could get us eliminated in competition!!

We came around and she hopped over it perfectly the second time!  Oh, how brave she is!!

Later, after playing in the water, we cantered a down bank sight unseen!  You know - one that doesn't land in the water...
Suddenly, I was riding a fire breathing dragon!  She took the cordwood jump perfectly on the first try!  So many new jumps that she took without a need for investigation!

I'm pretty sure she knows exactly how cool she really is...

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