Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Save the Joy!!

Please help us "Save the Joy!"  Can you spread the word?

Joy is one of the horses on our team, and she was just diagnosed with 'Squamous cell carcinoma of the genetalia'. (It looks like a scab on her girly parts...)  The vet estimated 4 chemotherapy treatments at $250 each to treat it.  If she can get the treatment, her prognosis is quite positive!  Unfortunately, this type of cancer can be very aggressive, so we want to treat it as soon as we can!!

Can you share our fund-raiser page?  You can also read Joy's full story there.

Hannah and Joy

In an attempt to reach as large of audience as possible, I'll be sharing the fund-raiser with each post until we have met our goal!  We have had a fabulous start and, as of today, we are 7% of the way there!!

Thank you!


  1. I just saw this today. Any updates on Joy?

    1. Joy has started chemotherapy!
      I've been so bad about continuing to share them link with each post... I think we have managed to raise about 60% of our goal between the fund raising page and selling homemade organic horse treats.
      I should write up an update post! Keep an eye out for it!



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