Friday, May 2, 2014

Tacky Tack

Inspired by Cob Jockey and her post: Matchy Matchy

As much as I would LOVE to be in the "Everything matches, and even my practice gear/clothes are put together like a princess in a fairy tale" crowd, I just don't have that much to spend on my grear.

Nor do I have the discipline!
Let's face it, folks.  I love the FUN STUFF as much as I love the perfection.  Eventing is a great fit for my bi-polar equestrian desires.

I discovered pretty quickly that the animal prints that I might have put on the solid bay Old Man were not going to work on the Fancy Pony with her roaning, Sabino splashes, and high white stockings...

My priorities are as follows:
1) SAFETY and FUNCTIONALITY - does it fit and do the job it was designed to do?
2) CLEAN - or, at least, is it clean enough to work in?  The clean standard is higher for shows...
3) DO I LIKE IT - I am becoming the queen of mis-matched tack in training because I like it, but it doesn't actually go with anything I already own...
4) MATCH - obviously, not always a priority...

I want to be all put together for dressage and look like I belong there...

monochromatic color scheme
But, I love the fun stuff, too.  I have been caught schooling cross-country with a PURPLE breastcollar to hold my running martingale because it is the ONLY breastcollar I own that fits the Fancy Pony...
I really do like bio-thane...

I'm shameless...
I wasn't actually shopping for a new bridle, but when I saw this one, I KNEW it was perfect!!
New bridle for dressage - sticking to the monochrome theme...
I couldn't resist this be-ribboned browband in my favorite colors!  Nothing in this get-up is matching!!
The browband - the breastcollar - but the Fancy Pony rocks it!


  1. So long as it's fun and functional! That's all that matters for home and schooling and stuff

    1. I noticed that you left out "show"... LOL

  2. Replies
    1. One day... When I'm made of money? ;)

  3. Safety and functionality is the most important.

    1. I just couldn't separate them! They go hand in hand! :)

  4. I am not a color person, but you know I am all in favor of safety, fit and functional over aesthetics right now! Rock it!

    1. We can be mis-match queens together! ;)



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