Thursday, April 10, 2014

Just for Fun

I've had the opportunity to do more riding with my dad... 
You see, he came to support me while we competed at the Battle of the Breeds at Equifest, Kansas this year.
...and I concoted an idea...

He thought many of these classes looked like a blast - especially the trail class!  We both know his horse would be game for all of it!  So, I pitched the idea...

Allow me to introduce to you candidates for Team Arabian for Nebraska Horse Expo's Battle of the Breeds 2014!
He even wore a helmet!  So proud of my dad!!
When we get the horses together, there will be more pictures!  I promise!


  1. When is it? They keep changing the dates for horse expo things in Nebraska so I no longer know them.

    1. Silly me, I should have just Googled it. I see it is in November this year. They have a FB page and a website:!mane-breed-challenge-competition/c17qo
      Please let me know if you want a third rider to help out, I would volunteer to join the team!



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