Friday, April 25, 2014

Levade a la Puddle

The latest in cross-country dressage...
 She was fine with the puddle.  If we walked on a loose rein, she plodden right through it.  If we came to in more collection...
...she jumped it...
                     ........s l o w.......
But, look at that SIT!

She wasn't being naughty.  That was just the only way she could think of to answer the question!  Fancy Pony is so funny!

In sadder news, I just learned that one of our team's horses has cancer and needs chemotherapy.  We have set up a fundraiser to help offset the medical expenses.  If 100 people can each spare $10, we can cover her chemo!  Can you help us?  Can you spread the word?
Joy is the spotted butt in the middle!
Please consider following this link and donating $10 to save Joy!
Double Registered
Triple Awesome!!

Thank you all for your support!

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