Monday, May 12, 2014

Baby Steps

Cricket and her girl:

They both look so happy!
I was pretty excited to have some company and to see Cricket looking so happy with her young rider!  Eventually, they want to jump.  We are slowly building Cricket's strength.  She is learning all about poles on the ground.  Eventually, I'll turn them into a jump course of ground poles and see how game she is!
Upping the ante:
These poles were terrifying when Cricket first saw them...
Killing time:
Isn't it liberating to drive your pony everywhere?
YR (young rider) is learning how to ground drive her horse!  She did this for at least 20 minutes straight and never once got bored!  She also trotted in the driving lines, which I hadn't done yet.  Of course, I was focusing on tinier details like correct bend...  They were practicing "go where I tell you."

While Fancy Pony was feeling better, she was not 100% yet.  She felt fantastic at the walk, but only OK at trot and canter.  I couldn't feel any definite lameness, but she struggled to balance and get connected in the bridle.  We kept the rest of the ride walk-only.  Fancy Pony also played "solid school pony" giving rides to new riders and she could not have been more perfect!



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