Tuesday, May 13, 2014

When you suddenly realize...

While I was helping Cricket and YR keep it together, Fancy Pony was giving Pony Rides.  All by herself!
Not everyone has their own helmet.

So, I loaned them mine!

Cricket started getting a little fussy (as she typically does when the box you set for her gets too small or compressed).  YR was getting nervous and wasn't sure how to make Cricket happy again.  I asked her, "Do you want me to get on?"
"Yes, please!"

So, I hop up and try to figure out what is bugging Cricket today...
She continued to be a little fussy, but quieted as I insisted nothing was changing and she could relax.
I 'put her in a box' where she will experience increased pressure from a leg or rein depending on how she evades with hips or shoulders.  Once she finds the edges, she tends to relax inside the boundaries.

Just as she settled, the wind blew and I realized...
...I wasn't wearing my helmet!

THAT was rectified immediately...

But, it really got me thinking.  AGAIN!

YR's mom commented, "Jacq is a real advocate for wearing helmets!"
And, I am!  To hear someone say it, though, told me that I really am making a statement.  My statement is being heard!

We all sort of noticed it at the same time...  I even said, "I just realized that I am not wearing a helmet..."
I felt so naked and exposed!
Later, I realized how much I **don't** notice my helmet!  I never think of it as too hot or too heavy...  It becomes a part of me as soon as I put it on.  And that is how is *should* be!

I put my helmet on, and go about my horse activities!  It doesn't come off until I go back into the barn.  And THAT is how I got caught riding without a helmet...


  1. That has totally happened to me a couple of times!

    1. Haha! Did you feel as naken as I did?

  2. I feel completely exposed when I don't have my helmet on!! I miss it.

    1. I even continue to wear my helmet on the ground because a) I've forgotten I have it on, b) it contains the wispy hairs that may escape my braid, c) it keeps the sun out of my eyes, or even d) all of the above!
      And I feel like my helmet should be comfortable enough to do all of that! ;)

  3. always always wear a helmet! (of course we all jump on without one on accident sometimes, or choose not to for photos or something-but different story)- I'm such an advocate too. when I was 16 I had a major fall from a BOMB PROOF HORSE who took off running for no reason, couldn't get him to stop, was going down a hill when the saddle started slipping THEN he tripped (just a lot of bad coincidences ha) and I fell and -OUT. I had a pretty bad concussion, blacked out for 20 minutes, threw up all night. Somehow managed to not have any brain damage, just two slightly bulging discs in my neck. I didn't think much of it then, but now I realize how easily I could have died since I didn't have my helmet and how lucky I am. Ever since then, I wear it allll the time, no matter how calm the horse is!

    Anyway, love the dressage-undressage photo hahaha!

    1. I've certainly had a similar experience! And it is ALWAYS off the ones you don't expect!



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