Thursday, June 6, 2013

Orange Breeches -or- Let Me Pick Your Brain

I love the look of light grey breeches. I want to show the little mare wearing light grey breeches and a dark grey jacket. However, a funny thing happened at the hunter/jumper show… My fan club mentioned that my pants had… changed colors…

I had an orange butt from my saddle! And it didn’t come out in the wash!!

So, how do you keep your light colored breeches looking brand new? How do you prevent your saddle from staining your clothes? Perhaps full-seat show pants for ALL disciplines is in order…

As a side note, I had pondered staining my jumping saddle darker (the orange looked horrific on the Old Man), but was advised not to because it would stain my show clothes no matter what I did. Well, it’s staining my show clothes anyway!

While I’m picking your brains, how about thoughts on these other obscurities?

Stock ties: frowned on or OK in hunters? Or anything outside of dressage?

I just love the look of stock ties! Especially the self-tie variety…

Fitted saddle pads: is it a rule in hunters, or merely strongly suggested? Any idea why?

Full seat breeches for jumping: Totally unacceptable or personal preference? Remember, I’m very new to the “Hunters” game.

What is your favorite brand/style of breeches and why? Style? Fit? Material? Color choices?

I just acquired a new-to-me pair of breeches from eBay. They are Mountain Horse brand, knee patch breeches that are soft and sturdy at the same time. They fit as if they were tailored for me! They feel as durable as denim, but have this brushed quality that makes them soft to the touch… I want more like these and have no idea where to look!

Other than that, nothing much new is going on. Continue work on the connection issue… Focus on my form over fences… pick up the inside shoulder, or just move the shoulder around so they don’t get stuck…

We’ve been practicing the triangle for sport horse in-hand! I’m excited to see how it goes!


  1. No stock tie in hunters. Fitted pads mandatory, no squares. You CAN get away with just a half pad, but it's no longer in "fashion." My favorite breeches are Tailored Sportsmans. They're pricy, but I school in pairs I got used off of ebay and I keep one "nice" pair for showing. For hunters you need knee patch breeches (preferably with the euro style seat), for jumpers I've seen people in full seat although it's not common.

    1. Interesting! I bought a pair of nearly-new TS breeches off of eBay, and I found them to be "nothing special." What is it that makes them so fabulous to you? I mean, the leather knee patch is nice, but I found the rest of them to be slick as a gut.
      I love my cheap 'ol TuffRiders, and they just seem to last and last!

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