Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sometimes you need a little push...

It started when JR (Psycho Mare’s owner) mentioned the National Dressage Pony Cup. She was already envisioning us at the event. Having already received scores in the mid 60’s at Intro, I told her, “We can do it! And we might as well enter Training level while we’re there…”

We know what we need to work on for Training level… First level movements are in our repertoire…

Love this!

We’re already looking at Arabian Sport Horse Nationals 2014… I thought were going to save 2013 membership fees and start the journey in December. But, along came the Pony Cup.

Well, we’re already paying membership fees for 2013, we might as well get our money’s worth and hit up some other USEF/USDF shows and try for a few more qualifying scores. Especially if we can find some closer to home than Kentucky!

Are we ready? Mom says, “You’ll never know if you don’t try!” Thanks, mom. ;)

I have no idea if we are truly ready, but more centerlines never hurt anybody, so we’re going for it! I had been waffling about chasing dressage scores along with everything else, but we’re here right now, and we’re not looking back!

We’re chasing our first Training Level Dressage qualifying scores in 30 27 days!! Wahoo!
(I miscalculated)


In other news, she stood (almost) like a rock for clipping of ears and bridle path this week.  What a good girl!  Technically, I wasn’t holding on to her when I clipped her ankles, and she sure as heck wasn’t tied to anything…  It’s so exciting to see her growing up!
Look, ma!  Clipped ears!


  1. Pony cup, now thats something I can get behind!

    1. Read all about it:
      We are definitely going! =D

  2. Whoooooooooo!! Such exciting things up ahead :)



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