Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sometimes the little things are really big!

Psycho Mare has this thing about clipping her bridle path...
She gets... Well... Psycho!

She went to sleep when I clipped her legs... Except for when she lifted them to better reach her fetlocks. 

She obligingly stretched her head out while I clipped her chin and jaw... She even tolerated getting her ears clipped!

But clippers on the bridle path? Oh, hell no!
Ok. How about scissors? Oh, hell no!

This is when 14.2hh turns into 16.3hh...

We had a breakthrough the last time I braided her mane. By the time I got them all braided down and then tied up... And then fixing the sloppy ones... I decided to take scissors to the bridle path, and for once, she stood just fine!

I clipped her ears a few days later, and she was less than thrilled, albeit somewhat cooperative. 

Finally, after a workout and hosing, I decided it was time to try the bridle path again...

I pulled on her mane while running the clippers up and down her neck... My feeble attempt to broadcast what was coming and make it appear inevitable... Slowly working my way up the neck... I expected perfect behavior...

And to my surprise, I got it!
...until the cord touched her ear...
Then, perfect behavior returned as quickly as it left!

clippers instead of scissors looks so much cleaner!

We have success!
The little mare is growing up... *sigh*

1 comment:

  1. Baby steps! Clipping is hard. Simon is like that about his ears.



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