Sunday, June 23, 2013

Concurrent Goals

Sometimes, I feel a little guilty about my concurrent goals. Sometimes, I feel like maybe I’m cheating on my eventing goal… You see, when it comes to competing, I’m a bit… promiscuous…

I like “multi-purpose” horses. I want to be able to ride fast or slow…. I want to be comfortable galloping across the countryside… I want to be able to ride in parades or take part in a drill team. I want to be able to ride my horse one- or two-handed, however the mood strikes me at the time… Not to mention the flexibility to show up at an open show and confidently compete in a wide variety of classes…

I was presented with the opportunity to ride this little mare as my next eventing mount. The breeder would be ecstatic to see her compete successfully in this ‘open’ field. However, she would love to see her equally competitive against her own breed.

Until recently, I had no idea that Arabians were holding separate “sport horse” competitions. I grew up with this breed. I showed the Old Man at Arabian shows. I had stopped going to the breed shows when it turned out that there was more of what I really wanted to be doing in the sport horse arenas and it became apparent that my hunter didn’t really move like a country English pleasure horse… I wanted to be galloping and jumping! I wanted to get feedback on my dressage! And my funds are not so unlimited as to allow me to show every weekend… But these Arabian Sport Horses, I really like them! I want to know how the Psycho Mare compares to other Arabian Sport Horses! I want to show her on the triangle and get feedback! I want to ride her in the jumpers!

Since we are barely started in Eventing, (and hunter jumper stuff will only help our courses), we’ve decided to seriously pursue this ASH thing. Besides, every show is just more ‘away’ experience!

I want to be going Beginner Novice in 2014. It’s hard to find schooling horse trials in my area. I don’t have my own truck or trailer, so it is also difficult to find a ride to schooling shows and cross-country schooling opportunities. We don’t have much in the way of XC jumps at home, either. This makes it difficult to train for XC, or even get XC experience. Instead of lamenting about the schoolings I can’t make it to, I go to the ring to focus on my non-existent hunter skills.
(please don't show this picture to George Morris)

Currently, I’m focused on re-establishing my correct and secure jumping position. I don’t know where it went, but it needs to come back!

And let’s not overlook the fact that, compared to Eventing, any other competition gives you more bang for your buck! You know, as well as I do, that you have more shots at more ribbons… Where else do you slave through three phases for one chance at a single ribbon!? Admit it! You enjoy bring home a boat load of ribbons, too!

And now, someone had suggested that we go to this year's National Dressage Pony Cup!
We already do dressage for eventing... How can I resist??
Trot, pony!


  1. Everybody loves a boat load of ribbons! Impossible not to :)

    1. I'm so glad you didn't decide to rip apart that awful jump photo over the stone wall jump! I was so horrified by that photo, and I almost didn't use it to demonstrate my lack of hunter skills... Then I reasoned that it was one jump out of 57 that day, and the only one out of 400+ photos that turned out that way, so I should show us at our worst so everyone can see how much we've improved when we make it to showing off our best!
      I'm pretty sure that was our first effort over that wall and that we jumped it from a standstill that wanted to be a refusal...
      That day was such a good experience for us, not just because we got a boat load of ribbons, but because we got to enter the ring so many times, it became normal for her and turned into just another ride. But, man, the ribbons were sure fun, too! ;)

  2. Seriously a satin addict. That pony is cute and I promise not to show the picture to GM. :)

    1. Hee-hee! Our last two dressage tests had comments "Cute horse!" and "Attractive pair!"
      It makes us feel good to be cute and attractive. :-P
      I'm glad I'm not the only satin addict!



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