Monday, February 10, 2014

Guess Who Noticed!

My husband (who avoids the barn like the plague) took me out to lunch, then drove me to the barn to take “Pony in the Snow” pictures…

Yes, devoting our attention to eating is wonderful!

It was cold.  It was snowy.  Fancy Pony has been trapped in a stall now for a week.  She gets lunged before we ride!!  A foot of snow is really discouraging, and we aren’t getting any melting.
Hubby was all about galloping in the snow photos until we got there.  Then it became: Why don’t you just lead her around in the snow?
I tacked up.  Besides, I still had to try out my new-to-me riding/snow pants!  They worked great for skiing, anyway…

So, I’m brushing away, when Hubby says, “She’s really is quite small, isn’t she?”
Yes, she really is.
“She has a lot more muscle than she used to.  She really is a much prettier horse than when you started riding her!”
Aw, thanks!  You know, one of the classical horsemen says that when the dressage work is correct, the horse actually becomes more beautiful! (He seemed to like that philosophy.)
“Her mane is shorter, too.  It looks really good!  It’s so even!”
Oh, honey, you sure know how to butter me up!  I did that mane-pulling job! *BEAM*

He was really nervous when he was standing next to her in the cross-ties, so he just watched from in front of her head…  You know, about 6 feet in front of her head!  LOL
He watched some of her lunging (so he saw her being a nut as well as being a fancy pony).  Life is rough when you’re stuck in the stall and can’t be turned out.  When the temperatures go back up, they can get kicked out again.  It really needs to happen SOON!

We got some walking and trotting in the snow pictures, but hubby is particular about what pictures shall be published, so he is going to pick his favorites, edit them a little (the lighting was dull and overcast, so they aren’t really what he wanted), then I will actually have something to share.

Back inside, he actually fed the Fancy Pony treats!  She mooned over him for the rest of the day!  I'm still in awe that hubby actually joined me at the barn!

We were both cold when we left.  Well, let me amend that.  My feet were cold.  The rest of me was quite toasty!  The riding/ski pants were awesome for warmth!  Less awesome in the saddle.  Not horrible.  I would wear them to hack in a heartbeat.  Actual focused training, though, they wouldn't be so good.  Maybe if they were a bit smaller...  The full-seat sticks quite well, but I still slide around a little inside of them...


  1. We did a snow photo shoot too, although I had to nab a friend, because there was no way my husband was going out in the bitter cold! Can't wait to see the cute pictures!

    1. Can you believe that my non-horsey husband noticed her improved conditioning and expertly pulled mane?? :-P
      If hubby hadn't had cabin fever, he would never have gone for it!

  2. You've got to love and give credit to all the great horsey-husbands out there! My non-horsey horsey-husband tries really hard and is starting to really enjoy being at the barn with the horses.



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