Thursday, February 20, 2014

Battle of the Breeds - Speed Class

This is exactly what it sounds like... The fastest time.
But there was a twist....

Do it with a cup of WATER!

...and we're off...
 The pattern was a simple one.  Run down, around the barrel, and back!
BUT, don't spill the WATER!
Luckily, we practiced some barrels at home, so as soon as we started turning the barrel...  the Fancy Pony tried to stop!
(It's nice to know she thinks about what we have trained, at least.)

Plenty of us were concerned about this water business.  If you spilled too much, it was a 2 second penalty.  We went for a conservative long-trot to the barrel.  On the way home, she chose a long, easy canter.  I was cool with that!
smooth pony!
Alas, we had spilled too much water, so we were penalized 2 seconds.  I think we took 8th in this one!
Talk about a great way to level the playing field!!

Next time, we're just going for it - water be damned!


  1. The water is a great touch to keep the "speedier" breeds from blowing away with this one!

    1. That is exactly what it did! This had to be one of the most fun classes I've done! I'm going to have to play this same game at home just for the fun of it! ;)



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