Thursday, February 6, 2014

Evaluation of 2013 Goals ~ In Honor of the Year of the Horse!

this is where we started...
Short Term:
  -  June, July, August, and September schooling Horse Trials at Heritage Park (level to be determined; can we make BN by the end of the year?)
It just didn’t happen after June.  We competed at Starter in June, and just never made it back.  There were physical concerns when she couldn’t comfortably balance herself, so we got the vet, massage therapist, and chiropractor all on-board and focused on muscle-building and flat work for a while, instead.  I’m comfortable about not meeting this goal as explicitly as it is stated.  Sometimes, things come up.  I’ve adjusted this goal for this year.
  - Sport Horse In-Hand and Under Saddle (let's give it a shot and see what the judges think!)
Never made it to an Arabian show.  I just ran out of money.  It could be because I spent it on the vet, massage therapist, and chiropractor!  We’ll carry that over to this year, then.
  - AHA Arabian Sport Horse rated show(s):
I didn’t make it to a breed show, but we qualified for Regionals in Kentucky!  I’m not sure how to evaluate this goal…

Any excuse to drape the pony in ribbons!!

  - National Dressage Pony Cup
Not only did we do this, but we brought home satin and loot!  It may have been at Intro Level, but the comments from the judges were insightful and meaningful.  Hilda Gurney judged several of our rides that weekend!  How incredible is that??  It was at this event that we earned our qualifying scores at Training level for Arabian Regional Championships in Dressage!

All in all, I'm happy with last year, despite the setbacks!


  1. So. Many. Ribbons! I think y'all did a great job with goals this year.

    1. That show was amazing! We truly rocked Intro, and we had shown much improvement at Training, as well. I keep telling myslef, "It was only intro. Half of it is just walk/trot." Then, I realize that it's where the basics start and we really solidified our most basic basics!!
      I can't get enough of the ribbons draped on the pony! She was hilarious! We even got a shot when she threw her head straight up in the air, ribbons blowing everywhere! I think the reins felt funny to her with the weight on them!! LOL

  2. You guys did great last year and will do even better this year :)

    1. Aw, thanks! You'll notice I adjusted this year's goals a little... They aren't quite as lofty... ;)

  3. Satin Pony is the best pony! She looks thrilled haha

    1. I see a future blog post title in that!
      "Satin Pony is the best pony" - I love it!!!



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