Thursday, January 2, 2014

Still so hard...

Last night, I shared the news again.

My first forever horse died in March.
2002 - Hunter Hack
I do OK when talking about it with people who already know.  I still share so many of the good memories, and he touched SO many lives!

But, whenever I tell someone who hadn't heard, I cry all over again.
2012 - Eventing - Beginner Novice
I've been getting better about NOT comapring the pretty pink Fancy Pony to the good ol' reliable Old Man.  He left at the young age of 22 (seriously, Arabians usually live for-ev-ver).  None of us were ready.  He was still eventing!

HL Open Throttle
 I still miss you, Oh Pie...


  1. :( It is so hard to tell people news like that. I can usually hold it together until I have to talk to someone.

  2. Yeah, you never get over it. It's just something you learn to live with :-(



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