Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Trust Me...

The challenge has begun...
She's a natural!
I wanted to wait for some big, dramatic unveiling, but I just can't.  I'm too excited to share the journey!

We have been accepted to compete at Battle of the Breeds at Equifest Kansas in Wichita, KS in February!!

One of the six events is driving.

Guess what Fancy Pony hasn't done yet?

OK, I've ground driven her.  But it isn't the same.
Crupper?  She says, "I will clamp my tail until we get to work!!"
Blinders?  She says, "What the hell!  I can't see you!  I must turn around so I can see you!"

She was taking it all in stride until I asked her to walk off and she swung her butt instead, right into a gate which hit the metal door of the indoor arena.  Oops!

I learned to dance really fast so that when she spun looking for me, I stayed out of her sight.  Once she catches a glimmer of me, it's over.  I'm then left driving the pony from in front of her...  Not so good.

We are now up to trotting figure eights along the shirt side of the outdoor arena!  She seeks my outside rein in order to gauge how far to turn!  She can't see me, but she is trusting that I will not run her into anything!

I've even drug a loud, noisy, clobbering pole around on either side of her as I lead her (you know, from the side - where she can't see me or the pole!).

I think we're ready to learn how to pull!!
I wonder if any minions will be available at the barn tonight to play "dead weight" for me...


  1. What an adventure more driving horsies/ponies!

  2. I made the journey down there to Equifest the past few years and that is my favorite part of the weekend! Good luck!

    1. You must come find us, then, and say HI!! =D



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