Monday, January 6, 2014


Seriously.  I can't really work around this...

can it get any more dismal?
Sometimes, my husband is pretty brilliant.
You see, he wants to take me skiing...  That means being in the cold...  Me, cold, Raynaud's...  Hmmmmm...

He says, "You need some ski pants!"
For one ski trip?
"You need some you can wear to the barn."
"I think part of the reason your feet are getting so cold is because you are losing heat through your riding pants.  You need another layer one your legs."

I've seen such a beast...  Ski pants with full seats...  I show him pictures...
"Yes, you need something like that.  I think it would make a big difference for you at the barn in the cold."
He just might be on to something!  It's not like I'll be moving South anytime soon.


  1. My mom has raynaud's. Her fingers, ears and toes have turned, literally, bright purple and black. She got a pair of fleece lined tights and puts them under her pants when she rides. :) Oh, and they make socks and gloves specifically for raynaud's!

    1. My Aunt has Raynaud's, too. She gets it in her fingers. I've only been getting it in my toes. I wear wool socks and insulated boots. Sheepskin lined boots are the best! I just with I could find riding boots with sheepskin!!
      My husband also strongly recommended I get those remote-control, recharchable, heated insoles... If it's below 40 degrees, I'm at risk for an episode, so I've been trying to figure out my best management techniques. :)

  2. Stay warm! It's the low 20's here today and I think that's freezing :)

    1. Oh, yeah! 20's is just unproductive in my book! Not that the horses seem to mind. I live in Texas for a little while, and I dont think we saw temperatures below freezing the entire time.
      You stay warm, too!! ;)



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