Monday, November 4, 2013

Serious Potential

A friend came to ride the Fancy Pony this weekend.  She wants to ride with more confidence and she wants to show next year.  She is 12 yearls old!  She met Whisper for the first time, and this is what we have to show for it...

Fancy Pony for the junior rider:
relaxed canter - we can learn about contact later!
They cantered around the arena for lap after lap like this, and her smile was so huge!

Then she asked me, "Can I take her over the poles?"
This is where we ended up:

Happy to take her over fences
nevermind that the Fancy Pony couldn't bring herself to actually jump it...

This was all before I even got on and rode!  Fancy Pony was a perfect princess pony!
I couldn't wait for my turn to ride her, but I would never seperate these two until they were quite finished.  So, after the Fancy Pony must have been getting tired, I got my own turn to ride her.  And we finished with a bigger jump (I never measured it, so I don't actually know how big.  I'm guessing 2'3".  Not huge, but bigger than we've been doing in out grids.)
This felt so effortless for her!  We quit on this note before making her any more tired!
Are these great knees, or what?!
Does anyone else see a potentially fancy hunter pony, here?


  1. Those are awesome knees! Fancy hunter pony for sure!

  2. I see potential hunter pony for sure! The hunter world is pretty biast towards Arabians though, although her coloring doesn't immediately mark her as an Arab. I bet with more weight on her and a cute kid on top she'd be great in the children's pony hunters :)



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