Thursday, November 7, 2013

No Stirrups No-HUH?

Yes, I want to participate.
No, I'm not sure I'm that masochistic...

But part of me was masochistic enough to 2-point until muscle failure...

No Stirrups in my dressage saddle?  No problem!  The Fancy Pony is coming together quite nicely, and I feel like we are better balanced with each other than we have ever been.  But, what about jumping?

I've seen several rule sets for No Stirrup November (and nome very distinct LACK of rule sets), so this is my personal goal:
1) No Stirrups in the Dressage saddle.  Period.
2) Dropped stirrups in the Jumping saddle for flat work and lessons warm-up.
3) Stirrups currently allowed for jumping, but may be dropped for grids in lessons according to coach directions.

Cheating, or setting myself up for success? decide...


  1. Yeah I think NSN is something different for everyone. My goal is to hit an hour of no stirrups time (posting trot mostly) over the *entire* month. That is a pretty lofty goal for me, but probably not for someone else.

    1. Well, I'm glad there isn't some standardized understanding that I missed!
      Let the fun begin! ;)



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