Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Trend Setting

I am making a statement!
That statement just happens to be, "I can't stand the thought of pitching a comfortable pair of breeches..."
After most of my 17 hours in the saddle for the St Jude Ride-A-Thon,  I slid off to enjoy a piece of cake. And my Wintec emblem caught my favorite breeches and put a hole in them.  Oh, was I sad!
So, I put a patch on it!

Hello, kitty!!

I decided it was time for a new pair. I bought a pair of tan pants for everyday schooling. The first day I wore them, I hopped off at the end of my ride, and the emblem grabbed my pants AGAIN!!
OH, was I MAD!!

I literally growled at my saddle.  I went for my scissors and started trying to ply the emblem off before I realized it was riveted to my stirrup leather keepers.  At that point, I took a deep breath and considered my options.  Do I really need my stirrup leather keepers on a synthetic, changeable gullet dressafe saddle?
So, I cut those offenders right off, threw them in the trash, and never looked back!

I mourned my no-longer-new-even-if-I-pretend breeches...  Then, I put a patch on them!
I'm thinking of starting a customizing service!

Doesn't that butterfly look lonely?  I was thinking a whole slew of them should just fly up and around my hip!  What do you think?


  1. Replies
    1. I recently recieved a text from the young rider I school with. Her pants had sprung a hole, and she wrote, "I think I need a kitty!"
      I think it's going to catch on! LOL

  2. Cute! Too bad I always get holes in the crotch. I don't think a kitty patch would look very good there... LOL

    1. Pffff! LMAO!
      Ummm... I'll try to come up with something creative for that... However, a kitty patch there *would* be somewhat appropriate! **giggle**



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