Friday, June 6, 2014

Greater Heights!

It's been a really busy week for me, so all of my spare time (and then some) has been spent in the saddle and late nights at the barn.

However, the dedication is paying off as Fancy Pony is comfortable and working again!
Cricket is getting much more laterally supple!

Both mares continue to get incrementally stronger.  And, while I wasn't looking...  Something happened to the Fancy Pony...
Her canter gained another notch of elasticity...  Somewhere along the line, she quit taking over in the gymnastic lines, and waits for my guidance...

She is beyond bored with cross-rails!
In fact, it took 2' verticals to convince her to stop playing the "how often can I switch my lead on a straight line" game...

So, we jumped our first attempts at 3'3"!
In case that one doesn't work, you can also see it here: Fancy Pony jumps 3'3"

Can I accurately convey just how excited I am!?


  1. Wow FP! Get it! :)

    1. Who knew she would be so cool about it?

  2. Wow!! She made that look so easy!! :D

    1. I know what you mean! It didn't feel like she was struggling at all. She actually had bascule over the fence!

  3. I saw this in person. The video does not do justice to how much FP enjoyed this jump!

    1. She truly treated it like it was nothing!



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