Monday, June 16, 2014

Someone Else's Adventure

I finally got CG hooked up with a lesson with Coach!

I have it on good authority that they jumped...  At the canter!

Way to go, CG!
 I really wish I could have watched these girls ride together. Instead, I shall relay the story as told to me by the Young Rider pictured on the Fancy Pony:

"My lesson on Whisper [aka Fancy Pony] was awesome! We warmed up with Madi [aka Cricket's Girl or CG] and Cricket (and then demonstrated posting trot to a beginner that Bridget [aka Coach] was teaching) and then we started to go through our course. We let Madi and Cricket go first and it was awesome (Cricket was a bit wary of one of the crossrails though). And then it was Whisper's and my turn. We trotted everything first and Whisper said "this is easy" and we finished with no problems. Madi and Cricket went again and were awesome but had some trouble getting deep into the corners. After that, Whisper and I cantered the course no problem. Madi then went and I went again (this time Bridget bumped everything up to verticles.) Whisper had no problem but I really had to think about supporting with my inside leg. Whisper thinks "oh yeah, verticles...this is more like it." At another time that we were doing our course, I noticed that I didn't even have to think about the course anymore... WHISPER HAD MEMORIZED IT!!! Madi and Cricket did great and even cantered their crossrail. The last course Whisper and I did consisted of an 18" vertical another slightly larger vertical and a 2' oxer! Whisper was a rockstar."

Love those smiles after successful rides!


  1. They truly enjoyed their lesson. I'm thrilled they have each other to ride with. Nothing like barn friends!

    1. I agree! Barn friends are ***THE BEST***!



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