Friday, March 28, 2014

Moving Forward

One more round of injections coming.  Not for the horse.  For my spine.  This year, each set of injections has addressed part of the issues, and it sounds like we have narrowed down the last bit of inconvenience...

We will hit the nerve somewhere near my hip...  I'm hoping this work!

I've improved enough, that I am once again capable of doing this:
Who wants to join me!
The better I feel, the braver I feel, and the bolder my horse is!  Just IMAGINE what we can do!!

In another direction, our trot is getting more elastic all the time, but the canter just isn't keeping up (unless there are jumps involved).  Since we are so comfortable in the trot, I'm going to start cantering wherever I need to go!  We will make it our go-to gait for everything we need to do!  How fun is this going to be?

If you're not moving, you're stagnating - so get moving!
And like I tell the Fancy Pony: Forward is always the right answer.


  1. Forward is always the answer! Hope the injections help you.

  2. Hope the injections set you up nice and comfy!



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