Monday, December 30, 2013

Blogger Gift Exchange!

I opened my gift exchange box with mounting excitement... I was ready for some purple horse brushes! I truly love purple. Especially the darker, royal purple shades!
I nearly squealed when I unwrapped this instead...
This hose nozzle really I'd the ultimate! We had one st a bath where I worked. It shuts of either direction. The best array of spray options is incredible! And I've had a use for every one of them! This is totally going in my show tote!!

There was a surprise just for the Fancy Pony! Oh, how she loves hrrnsome treats. She practically demands them after our rides. She just stands there, looking at you expectantly...
for the pretty pink pony!
The thing I am most excited to try is a thing I never even knew existed. It hadn't made it to a wish list...
photo bomb!
No, its not the cat. Torqure (aka Mr. Whiskers, aka T) has been around for a while and has a distinct knack for photobombing. Isn't he adorable? He even walks on a leash!
I digress. Back to the gifts!
Holy Cow!  Did you know about these??
Oh, man how awesome this sounds! It will run 6 to 12 hours depending on how much fluid you fill it with. THAT is beyond awesome!
It likely won't help keep my toes warm, but it will definitely help keep the post-ride chills at bay. The jhand warmers that you buy at the store are always so small. They can certainly only warm one hand at a time. I expect this will be like holding a mug of hot chocolate. Does it get any more delightful?

I almost teared up when I read the card. Us Reynaud's sisters are sticking together! Maybe I was feeling a little emotional that day...
Doesn't matter, though! It was a wonderful box of gifts, and I couldn't be more grateful. Now, I just need to work out my secret weapons for sub-30 degree temperatures, and I'll be in business!!


  1. Woohoo! That hand warmer looks AWESOME!

  2. I am so glad you liked the handwarmer! I got one for Christmas too, though my husband gave it to me a few weeks before Christmas when I had to clean 17 stalls in 8" of snow and single digit temps. The fuel is very cheap, and it gets so hot! I had already purchased your SS gift when I saw you had Reynauds too, and I had to get you one. Some tips: ignore the directive to fill the cup twice the first time, keep it upright as much as possible so its the fumes that ignite, light it and leave the case slouched down around the bottom for a few minutes before you pull the case up so that it gets a lot of oxygen. I think that's it. I love it so much, I seriously just use it around the house!

    1. Thanks for the advice! That all makes lots of sense! Sounds like I'm going to get a great opportunity to test it out with ANOTHER cold snap beginning tomorrow!! When will it end??

  3. Ooo, hose nozzle is a great idea! Hand warmer too :)



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