Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Consistency Anomaly

Consistency is coming!

LOVE these ribbons!  How fun!
We had the opportunity to ride at an air-conditioned, indoor venue (that typically hosts recognized shows) at schooling show prices!
For the first time, we went all out and I got to wear a show coat! All previous shows have been prohibitively hot. I got compliments on my grey jacket! I wasn't confident that the color worked, so I made sure to try it at a schooling show. ;)
I got compliments on my braids, too! They were just quick, rubberbanded braids. EVERYONE stopped to say how cute and adorable the Psycho Mare was!

I had so much help to make this show happen, and I just don’t know how to show my appreciation to everyone involved, so they get mentions in my blog!

My dad was amazing and used his truck to haul us to the show. He also retrieved the trailer the night before. He also took video of our tests and posted them to YouTube!!

My mom made wraps and brought lots of water to keep us all alive!

My friend and volunteer groom bathed and braided the mare while I slaved away at work. She also cleaned my tack and loaded everything I needed in the trailer.

My aunt showed up as well, to show her support for our endeavors.

I left straight from work and met everyone at the venue. I was scheduled to ride down centerline at 5:00 pm sharp!

The arena was running very ahead of schedule, so I actually headed in about 15 minutes early. I rode Psycho Mare into the corner and onto the rail to make her take a good look at the bleachers and audience. Hooray for having an audience! She decided that, ultimately, those people and bleachers were really no big deal. She was so chill after we ended our test (Training-3); she tried to exit at P by stumbling over the rail. Oh, mare. Exit at A. It’s easier. Really. My sources say someone in the peanut gallery commented, “She must be a jumper!” *giggle*

We took a few minutes to relax and catch our breath. Then, we put ourselves back together and headed in early again for our second test! Intro B. Leaving the arena after that test, I saw the look of bewilderment on my Aunt’s face. She didn’t get the memo that our hardest test was first. Ironically, it was also our highest scoring test. :\

doesn't care about trains and traffic across the concrete bridges right over our heads!

 We ALWAYS get noticed at the shows! My mom made a good point… In addition to singing praises, I should mention, “By the way, she is for sale! She could be yours!” Thanks, Mom! I should have been saying that all along!

More pictures to come and I’ll post the YouTube videos in a later post! I’m interested in your reactions to the grey jacket!

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