Wednesday, August 21, 2013

5 under $50

I started thinking about this when She Moved To Texas ( posted her own list. She got it from The Polka Dot Periodical (, who is running a contest! Some things are awesome, but they aren’t an everyday sort of thing. So, I started by thinking about the things I use every day. Or, at least, things I use often.

Go here to for the contest details:

What it is: Sponge-Brush

Where to get it: Tractor Supply Company

What it cost: $5

Why I love it: I used to bathe with a sponge. I quickly discovered that I wasn’t impressed with the scrubbing power at my disposal. After a hard ride, I couldn’t always get all the sweat out with just a sponge. I soon changed my approach. Instead, I would get my bucket of soapy water (or plain water, if it’s just a post-work-out rinse), and I would dip a stiff brush and get to scrubbing! You have to dip a brush rather often because it doesn’t hold much water. In a pinch, I still do it this way. This sponge-brush thing I found at TSC looked like a pretty handy tool! I love it! I use it *ALL* the time! I am the envy of the barn! Well, OK, maybe not. But the other girls seem to think it is as cool as I do.
Brilliant, right?

What it is: JP KORSTEEL oval link eggbutt snaffle

Where to get it: SmartPaks! Or anywhere, really… eBay, Amazon, etc.

What it cost: $30

Why I love it: This seems to be a great general bit for almost any horse. I have yet to find a horse that *does not* like it (although, a few of them might like something else a little better). I like the eggbutt in general because it seems to be particularly stable on the sides of the mouth and doesn’t pinch. I love the oval link because it is about the same size and shape as the bars, and I am a fan of consistency. The copper link isn’t a concern to me one way or the other. Psycho Mare has gone in both (copper and not-copper). The only difference is that she catches the copper link in her teeth to give it one last suck before dropping it when I take her bridle off.

Some horses think copper is really yummy!

What it is: DAVIS splint boots

Where to get it: SmartPaks! Or, again, anywhere…

What it cost: $30

Why I love it: It seems the biggest threat to our horses’ legs is impact. In my experience, it is impact from his other feet. I use these splint boots daily to protect from self-kicks during our rides. They claim to disperse the concussion incurred every time the horse places his foot on the ground. They are durable, easy-to-clean, and come in so many colors! I find them to be secure and non-irritating. They stay in place. These are my favorite all-purpose boot.

All the pretty colors!
What it is: EQUI-SPA Grapefruit Coat Refresh

Where to get it:

What it cost: $20

Why I love it: I picked this up from the business owner at her vendor booth at a dressage show. I liked the sound of ‘natural’ healthy skin support. I have always been a fan of essential oils and aromatherapy. Not only do I use this on my horse, I spray it inside my helmet to keep it fresh. I use it occasionally on my sheepskin pad. Periodically, I use it to freshen the inside of my gloves! I’ve even used it as a refresher mist on my own skin and face. I can’t say enough good things about this multi-use product!

And it smells AMAZING!
What it is: Nalgene (32 oz, wide mouth bottle)

Where to get it: Amazon or your favorite outdoors store

What it cost: $13

Why I love it: It is important to stay hydrated. We make sure our horses drink, but sometimes, we might forget about ourselves. I carry one of these with me everywhere! I have several colors. These water bottles are light, hardy, long-lasting… They don’t taste like plastic! They are (nearly) indestructible! They come in all sorts of colors! They survive daily trips to the barn and countless horse shows. What’s not to love?

Collect them all!

OK, if you don't think the nalgene counts as horse related, consider my bonus item:

What it is:  SSG All Weather Gloves

Where to get it:  SmartPaks

What it cost:  $24

Why I love it:  These gloves really are all-weather and all-purpose.  They feel good on the hand, and they don't reduce my sense of touch as much as a leather glove.  I can wash them in the machine and hang to dry.  Easy to care for, easy to clean, easy to wear.  Easy to afford!!
Again!  All the colors!

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