Friday, August 30, 2013

Gus is a fun guy. Or not.

As the heat has increased, I have noticed how humid our tack room stays. And how the still air never circulates.

I was worried about my saddles. It never occurred to me to be worried about my riding gloves!
what exactly is this reaction to my riding gloves?
So, one day, I noticed a reaction on one of my hands.  After riding the next day, it was worse!

Cat Scan! ;)
Suddenly, the trend set in. I ride in my gloves, I get a rash/reaction/thing. So, I decided to try riding without my gloves.

Oops. I should have known better.

Duh!  Riding with gloves all the time = no protective calluses...
I finally dug up an old pair of crochet-back gloves.  I am spraying Tinactin Powder Spray in my leather gloves.  I am also treating my hand with Tinactin twice a day.  It seems to be helping.

less angry-looking
I’ll avoid riding in my leather gloves until it quits being so hot and humid.

Gus, feel free to depart my presence and do not return to haunt me!


  1. Blegh! We had a lady who always put her helmet in the trunk of her car, and it got hot there and she ended up with a fungal rash on her face yuck.

  2. Seriously, who would have thought? I mean, I absolutely LOVE riding in these leather gloves, too!
    I spray Equi-Spa's Coat Refresh inside my helmet regularly and hang it up to dry. It has witchhazel and some nice essential oils. It smells good and seems to keep the crud from invading my sweaty helmet space.
    Regardless. Ick.



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