Monday, July 1, 2013


There is an appaloosa gelding at the barn that everyone thinks looks just like the Psycho Mare.  At first I didn’t see it.  I mean, come on! How does an appaloosa look like a pinto?  Not to mention there is a size difference of 8 inches or more!  No, it has to do with the roaning in their coats.  Well, I’m told The Mare’s coloring is genetically “rabicano” (how do you pronounce that, anyway?), but as far us lay-people are concerned, she looks roan.  And so does Radar!

Have I mentioned how much I love to ride drill?  I think that is part of where my appreciation of accurate geometry in dressage comes from.  When you ride drill, you must not only be accurate in your geometry, but you must also be accurate in your timing.  In order to be accurate in your timing, you must be able to lengthen and compress your horse in accordance with your partner, who happens to be on the other side of the arena as often as they might be right next to you…  You end up focusing on riding through any issues because you have to be ‘right there’ at ‘this moment’ and then get moving to ‘over here’ so you aren’t late for ‘that movement’.  I really love riding drill team!

Can't get enough of it!

Well, it’s hard to find drill teams in my area, and there just doesn’t seem to be enough interest to start one of my own.  Besides, I’m busy training for Dressage, and Eventing… and Hunter/Jumpers!

the whole package
It suddenly occurred to me that Radar’s owner might be a perfect Partner-in-Crime (henceforth referred to as “PiC”). You see, she is a lot like me, in that she is all about riding her horse for fun, and she already does dressage as part of her curriculum for Eventing. I came to her with my Brilliant Idea. She is all in!

We have begun choreography and practice on a Training Level Pas de Deux!


  1. Oh fun! I've never done drill team or any team riding but think it would be a blast.

    1. There's really nothing else like it, and most people either LOVE it or HATE it. I guess you know which one I am!

  2. Sounds like great fun, we'll need pics & videos, please :D

    1. I just uploaded a preliminary choreography video. It also has the entirety of our work-out, so it needs editing before I share it... Not to mention it is just the one horse and in a small arena. My next step is to measure out a standard arena and video both horses in a relatively clean run-through of the choreography!
      Goos news on the choreography front! If I mess up (and don't come out of the trot spiral on the correct side of the arena), PiC doesn't even notice and just keep right on as we do the same things on the opposite sides of the arena from where they are drawn on paper. LOL! I didn't even know anything was wrong until we ended up on the wrong sides for our walk loops!
      No worries. I'll share as soon as we actually have something worth looking at! =D



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