Monday, July 22, 2013


I spent several years trying to get any horse to any dressage show so that I could ride a test and get a judge’s feedback. Circumstances failed to work out for multiple years in a row. I determined that I was going to ride the Old Man at our first dressage show whatever it took. The way things worked out, our first dressage show was a USEF/USDF recognized event. Nothing like jumping straight into the deep end, right?

My mom presented me with a charm bracelet at that show. I was delighted! I was 30+ years old and had never had a charm bracelet, and now I had one horse related! I was going to add a charm for every recognized show we attended!! (Because schooling shows would fill it up too fast). However, I lost my friend, and my bracelet has not changed.

I’ve decided to carry my not-quite-started charm tradition over to the Psycho Mare.

This weekend, I took the Psycho Mare to her first recognized horse show. It was her fourth show ever. It is imperative that I keep things in perspective!

Friday, I didn’t show until 11:00, so I braided that morning after we arrived:


I got compliments on these braids ALL weekend!
We rode Intro C, Training 2, and Training 3.  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Friday's results
Jackets were waived before we ever got there.  Man, was it HOT!

Saturday's results!
Training 2 got better and better every day!
Sunday's results !!
It's important to keep your white pants sparkling white all day...
I got even more compliments on this get up than I did on my braid job!
I took the skirt idea from a few other firls I saw around the show.  It worked PERFECTLY!
Stay tuned for an account of 'Psycho Mare Returns' and how she scored a 47 on Training 3...


  1. Ooh, I never thought about a skirt! I usually thrown on jogging pants and sweat like crazy. Looks like you guys pulled in some good loot!

    1. That skirt worked better than I would have ever dreamed, and it was cooler because any breeze could blow through! Talk about easier to get on and off over my boots, too! Bonus: I look like I have this whole out-together outfit going on!
      The loot was grand. I was so surprised! As frustrated as I got with her, I'm still very proud of that mare!! None of the comments were surprising. The things they told me to work on are the same things we've been working on from day one, so we're still on the right track!

  2. COngrats!!! That bracelet is a great idea!!

  3. The hard part is going to be picking out a charm that is special to each show. This show's charm will be a ribbon because it was our first blue at a recognized event! We'll have to see how it works out in the long run. :D



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