Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pseriously Psycho

Had an intense lesson with the DQ. Lots to build on from our last “before vacation” lesson. So far, the common themes I’m hearing are:

“She’s an Arabian and a Mare, so she is double smart!”
“She’s small, so you have to be very precise in your riding in order to help her maintain her balance.”
…and my absolute favorite visual…
“You need to put your shoulder blades on her croup!”

Kudos to me for improved position (although it still needs so much work).
Kudos to the mare for working so hard and thinking (almost) the entire time.
DQ seemed to love her free-walk loop!

And, NO-Kudos for The Explosion.

Something in the corner kept distracting her. Or maybe it was something outside the door. Or maybe it was nothing at all. Whatever IT was, she lost her mind.

We were working transitions. Working trot, then come back aaaaalmost to a walk, then canter transition!

After several of these, I was getting some nice, up, balanced canter transitions. Then, I got a lovely canter transition into a duck-bolt-jump-buck-neck-shake-shoulder-bulge-crow-hop – ‘oh, never mind, I’m OK now.’

WTF, Psycho Mare?? I was just singing praises about how fancy and nice you are!
unicorn horn? or DUNCE CAP!

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