Friday, November 30, 2012

The only one

I am the only person in my barn currently riding "English." In fact, I have been working on several people to ride dressage with me. So far, I am failing. I think it has something to do with breeches at the shows...
I've recently started helping a friend with her horses. They live at a different barn, so I meet her there once a week or so.

I am suffering from barn envy. First, it was the facilities.
Full size outdoor arena
With jumps and more jumps!
Indoor arena
Another little indoor area to ride in
Tons of stalls
What appears to be acres of pasture

Then, it was the people. While lots of them are western pleasure people, the rest are EVENTERS!

The people at my barn are either barrel racers or trail riders. I think they pretend not to hear when I talk about things like "shoulder-in" and "half pass."
Lately (ok, more like 'for the past year and a half'), I have been complaining about my horse's resistance to maintaining a right bend. I typically get a blank stare in response.
So, maybe I need to find some like-minded riders who are interested in the same sport.

My friend says she is interested! She isn't even ready to jump yet. She is still perfecting her posting trot. And learning the letters around the dressage arena. I'm hoping to have her show Intro A dressage in the spring!
Part of me really wishes I was at an English barn. I really do feel like "the only one" where I am.

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