Monday, November 19, 2012

Obligatory Meet and Greet

I am a lifelong equestrian.  I have been riding for as long as I can remember...  That means approximately 30 years, at this point!  You would think that I would be a master by now!  Alas, I am not.

But, I continue to learn!

Horses are my passion.I have cleaned stalls to pay for my riding lessons.  I have read (and continue to read) tomes on riding and horses.  I study riding theory (we can probably agree that this means classical dressage).  I have ridden horses that obviously know more than I do.  And I have spent hours upon hours in the saddle attempting to apply the things I learn and discover.

This summer (August 26, 2012 - actually), a dream came true.  I rode in my very first horse trial.  And I rode it on my first horse!
This dream began during a ride when my horse was very naughty...
I was riding in a pasture, my horse attired in western saddle and a bosal bridle.  As we cantered along the back fence, he pretended to spook and bolted toward the barn.  I got him stopped and turned around, so I tried the canter line again.  This time, there was no spook, just a naughty dive and bolt for the barn.  This time, there were no brakes.  We were headed for a creek that bisects the pasture.  As the drop-off approaches (think of it as a drop bank into water jump), he shows no sign of slowing or changing course.  When the bank is obviously unavoidable, I wonder if he will stop or jump.  Then I wonder if I want him to stop or jump...  No idea!  So, I prepare for both.  In the last stride, I settle deep into my seat, grab the saddle horn, and push my hand (and the reins) forward up his neck.  My 8 year old horse sails out and drops into the water.  He gallops out on the other side as if he hasn't a care in the world!  Oh, my  - how exhilarating!!  I thought,"He could be an event horse!  If only the jump had been my idea..."
Thirteen years later, we both try it for the first time!

I invite you to follow me on my journey as I enter a new sport.  Eventing.

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